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   Welcome to Hamsley Hardwood


    Hamsley Hardwood is a small sawmill and lumber drying facility producing high quality hardwood lumber in Haynesville GA, just 40 miles south of Macon and serving the local communities of Perry, Warner Robins, Hawkinsville, and only a short drive from Atlanta, GA. The mission at Hamsley Hardwood is to produce small quantities of very high quality hardwood lumber for the wood worker, furniture maker, cabinet builder, and craftsmen who do not have an affordable source for hardwood lumber, slabs and specialty hardwoods.


    Hamsley Hardwood's sawmill and kiln are an integral part of my Tree farm where many of the logs that I saw into this quality lumber are grown. I utilize these logs to produce a variety of species of hardwood lumber for woodworkers like me, who need a source for affordable lumber for a variety of projects.


      An important feature that comes from our bandsaw sawmill, dry kiln and tree farm woodlot is species diversity. Hamsley Hardwood saws, dries and sells many species of hardwood that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the area.

Quality Hardwood Species We Offer As Available

Black Walnut | Red Oak | White Oak | Yellow Poplar | Pecan
Maple | Quarter Sawn Sycamore | Chinaberry | Black Cherry
Hackberry | Persimmon | Eastern Red Cedar | Pine and more!

We sell high quality Black Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak, Yellow Poplar, Pecan, Maple, Quarter Sawn Sycamore, Chinaberry and other hardwoods


Danny Hamsley displays some of his hardwood boards
Our Woodmizer LT40HDD35
Hamsley Hardwood Tree Farm