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Yellow Poplar is in the Magnolia Family. The wood is diffuse porous with small, even pores throughout the annual growth ring, resulting in a more subdued grain. This soft grain pattern makes it one of the best woods for painted furniture or cabinets. The green color of the heartwood is distinctive. The flowers of this tree look similar to tulips, hence the common alternate name: Tulip Poplar.
Yellow Poplar Lumber
Yellow Poplar Lumber2269 viewsKiln Dried 4/4 skip planed to 15/16". $6.25 per BF.
Kiln Dried 4/4 skip planed to 15/16". 10+" wide $6.75 per BF
Kiln Dried 6/4 skip planed to 1 3/8". $7.75 per BF

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