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Most viewed - White Oak Lumber For Sale
White oak has a unique feature where there are crystalline structures that grow in the wood pores called tyloses. These retard moisture movement in the wood, which is why white oak is preferred for whisky and wine barrels. The medullary rays are also among the largest of all native woods. When quartersawn, these rays are exposed, and the resulting ray fleck is beautiful and highly desired.
Quartersawn White Oak Lumber
Quartersawn White Oak Lumber3202 viewsKiln Dried 4/4 High Fleck Less than 8" width - $12.84 per BF
Kiln Dried 4/4 High Fleck 8" to 10" width - $13.84 per BF
Kiln Dried 4/4 High Fleck More than 10" width - $14.84 per BF
Very limited quantities.

Flatsawn White Oak Lumber
Flatsawn White Oak Lumber2962 viewsKiln Dried 4/4 - $10.70 per BF
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