Lumber Drying


Nyle Systems Lumber Drying Kiln     Hamsley Hardwood uses a Nyle L53 Dehumidification Kiln to dry lumber to moisture levels suitable for furniture and other woodworking projects. The L53 is very efficient because it condenses the water vapor from the drying wood, thereby conserving the heat used to evaporate the water from the wood. The kiln can dry up to 1000 board feet of slower drying lumber like Red Oak and White Oak, and up to 600 board feet of medium drying lumber like Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Maple, and Pecan.  The advantage of this kiln is that the kiln chamber is small and very well insulated. Since it contains boards in only one stack of lumber 4 feet wide instead of many stacks, the heated air flows through each layer of boards evenly, creating very consistent drying.


     Hamsley Hardwood prepares the lumber for drying by carefully stacking the green lumber from the bandsaw sawmill for air drying, letting nature assist in drying the wood before it goes into the Nyle Kiln.


     Woodworkers can buy Kiln Dried lumber from the Big Box Stores, but the price is very high and the selection is limited to only a few species like Red Oak and Yellow Poplar. So why pay high Big Box Store prices? Come visit Hamsley Hardwood and you will find those and many other species of hard to find Kiln Dried lumber like Quartersawn Sycamore, Pecan, Hackberry, Chinaberry, and Persimmon, and at a very affordable price!


Nyle L53 kiln chamber
Stickered 6/4 red oak lumber
Stickered quartersawn sycamore