Sawmill and Lumber Preparation


Ambrosia!     Hamsley Hardwood operates a Woodmizer LT40HDD35 bandsaw sawmill. The Woodmizer bandsaw sawmill can saw boards up to 26 inches wide and 20 feet long. The log is squared into a cant, then boards are sawn from the best faces to maximize lumber quality. The process is slower and more labor intensive than that of the large commercial sawmills, but at Hamsley Hardwood, the goal is to produce the highest quality lumber rather than the most production.


     The Woodmizer LT40 cuts very accurate lumber. Target thickness for hardwoods like Black Walnut, Maple, and Black Cherry is 1 & 1/8 inches thick. This allows for some shrinkage after drying to yield a unplanned board at a full 1 inch in thickness, allowing the Woodworker to easily plane the board down to a finished thickness of 3/4 inch.

Wood-Mizer Lt-15 Sawmill


     Boards can be flatsawn with the annual growth rings more parallel to the wide face of the board, riftsawn with the annual growth rings 45 degrees to the wide face of the board, or quartersawn with the annual growth rings perpendicular to the wide face of the board. Hamsley Hardwood quartersaws several species of trees such as Red Oak, White Oak, and Sycamore to reveal the beauty of the medullary rays, creating a ray fleck or tiger-striped effect much sought after by Woodworkers.


     Hamsley Hardwood also produces Live Edged Slabs and other Specialty Products.

     Powder Post Bettle InformationHamsley Hardwood treats most boards after sawing with a Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate solution to prevent the lumber from ring porous hardwoods like Red Oak, White Oak, Pecan, and Chinaberry from attack by lyctid Powderpost Beetles. This compound is related to household borax, and is very safe, except for boring beetles! One brand name of this compound that is sold for this purpose is TIMBOR.


     Many of the logs sawn by Hamsley Hardwood are grown and sustainably harvested from the Tree Farm. The most common species are Red Oak, White Oak, and Yellow Poplar, but there are a variety of other species like Hackberry, Persimmon, and pines like Loblolly Pine and Shortleaf Pine. Logs are also purchased from local woodlots.


Ready to saw on the LT40HDD35  Wood-Mizer